To the public:

Studio-glow exhibits at galleries and at 5-6 select craft show per year.

Our schedule

You may also order through this website via email. As every piece is unique, tell us what pieces you see on the website that appeal to you. Then tell us your price and size range and we'll send you images of what we have available in the studio. If nothing fits your needs, we can work to costomize a piece for you. Shipping is usually in the range of $40, except for the tall floor lamps, which ship for around $100.

To galleries

More and more, we are working with museums and galleries. Often we have pieces on hand or can plan in advance for shows and installations, and very much enjoy the challenge of site-specific work.

To the trade

Studio-glow works with decorators, architects, contractors, and lighting designers. Please contact us if you feel our lighting might be of interest for your project.