Robert Ostermeyer and Riki Moss

31 Town Line Road
Grand Isle, Vermont, 05458


Studio-Glow began in 2005 when Robert began working in Riki's paper studio, observing the unique properties of over-beaten abaca paper as it dried over time, shrinking around embedded material and drying to an amazingly strong, translucent self-supporting armature. He realized that the beauty of the process lay in understanding the material so thoroughly that it could be left to its own intelligence as it interacted with the forces of gravity, air, time and heat, drying into universal forms reminiscent of those made by waves, smoke, wind and water. Both partners were enthralled as light transmitted along the exquisite undulations of the sculptures and began collaborating.

Riki studied at the SF Art Institute, earned a BA at the University of Chicago and an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier. she was awarded an Arts Matters (NYC) grant, several Vermont Arts Council development grants and was chosen to exhibit in Nagoya, Japan and the the 2010 Holland Paper Bienalle. She has been exhibiting paintings and sculpture widely for over 25 years.

Robert holds a BA from Bates College and an MA from Leslie University and brings to the studio years of experience working with various materials - wood, metal, electrical - along with architectural studies at the Boston Architectural Center and a lifelong fascination with making things work. He brings to the studio a unique perspective and a conviction that abaca paper, a natural and sustainable plant product, is a perfect material for our time.